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A Look at Harley Race Net Worth

Harley Race Net Worth? Throughout his career, Harley Race has earned a fortune for himself. As one of the most successful wrestlers in the history of the sport, Harley Race has been able to establish a loyal fan base. His net worth is not known, but we can still guess how much he makes from his numerous appearances on television. Despite being 76 years old, Harley Race has accumulated a net worth of around $1 million dollars.

Harley Race’s career

The first half of Harley Race’s career was spent as a territory wrestler. He dominated the NWA’s mid-card before becoming the NWA’s World Heavyweight Champion in 1973. Race retained the title for a brief period, losing it to Jack Brisco in Houston. Harley Race’s incredible career helped him establish himself as a major star around the world. He moved through different territories, winning regional titles as he went. He won eight Central Titles, seven Missouri titles, the Georgia Heavyweight title, and the Canada Stampede North American title. In addition, he won PWF titles in Japan.

After the AWA championships in 1973, Harley Race pushed Ric Flair into the top tier of the NWA, winning the championship with him in 1983. This pro wrestling star reached a level of fame never before seen in the NWA, and is now considered one of the best in the world. He wrote his autobiography, which was published in 2004. The autobiography of Harley Race includes an essay addressing the pitfalls of his career and lessons learned.

After the WWF, Race returned to the NWA as a manager and wrestled in the singles division. He became a superstar and became a major star in the NWA. His run as NWA World Heavyweight Champion brought him a number of big name wrestlers. Although he was not considered the next Ric Flair, he did make his mark in the Georgia territory. And he is remembered fondly by fans.

Early life

The early life of Harley Race started in the world of professional wrestling. He was born in 1943 to sharecroppers George and Mary Race. He worked with Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Alliance, and teamed with Larry “The Axe” Hennig. The two won tag team titles multiple times. Harley also fought in Japan, for the All-Japan organization, and was involved in a tragic car crash. However, he managed to recover and return to work as a wrestler.

After leaving the WWF, Harley Race returned to the NWA as a competitor, but due to an injury to his shoulder, he had to retire. Harley then moved his business to Troy, Missouri, where he opened his own wrestling academy. His business was so successful that he recruited some of his former trainees and sent them to the NOAH promotion in Japan. However, the injuries he suffered forced him to have numerous surgeries.

After his first marriage to Vivian Jones, Harley Race was married for the second time in 1980 to B.J. Race. Harley Race has two children and 5 grandchildren. Harley Race is most famous for his one-time United States Championship, PWF World Heavyweight Championship and NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship. He is also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. This biography is a brief look at his early life.


This Biography of Harley Race will give you the background of his life and achievements. Although Harley Race retired from in-ring action in the spring of 1991, he continued to impact professional wrestling as a manager, promoter, and trainer. He was inducted into the NWA, WWE, and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. Harley Race passed away in October of 2017 after battling lung cancer. His death was reported by his friend Rick Flair.

A professional wrestler and promoter, Harley Race had a long career in the WWF. He was an eight-time NWA Heavyweight Champion and held several other titles during his long career. He first won the NWA World Championship in Kansas City in 1973, defeating Dory Funk Jr., who had held the title for four years. Harley Race also competed in the WWE’s King of the Ring event, where he won it and earned the nickname “King” Harley Race. Harley Race’s career also included appearances with the American Wrestling Association and World Championship Wrestling.

He married Vivian Jones in 1960. The marriage was short-lived as she died in a car accident five weeks after the wedding. Vivian Jones was pregnant with Harley Race’s child. Their daughter Candice Marie was born from their relationship. Their divorce was final, but the couple’s marriage to Sandra Jones led to the birth of another child, Justin Race. In addition, Race also had a son with a third woman, but the name of the third partner has not yet been revealed.


One of the most prominent American professional wrestlers was Harley Race. He rose to prominence in the NWA in the early 70s, becoming a contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in 1972. In the same year, Race beat former World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr., but lost the title shortly after. In 1973, Race won the first United States Championship in Mid-Atlantic territory and was crowned NWA Champion.

In the early 1960s, Harley Race split his time between different territories, including the Central States. He fought his long-running rivalry with Terry Funk, and he also defended his NWA title against some of the toughest Japanese competitors. In 1975, he toured the Pacific Rim, New Zealand, Australia, and the USSR, and in Communist China. Although his fame had not yet spread to the world, his ruthless style of fighting earned him recognition in several different territories.

After a successful stint in the NWA, Race moved to the WWF, where he became known as “The King.” He fought Hulk Hogan and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and he was managed by Bobby Heenan. Race went on to become a superstar in the WWF, winning the WWF’s first King of the Ring tournament. Afterward, he returned to the NWA, which became WCW.

Social media profiles

Harley Race’s social media profiles have been full of updates since his sudden illness last Thursday. While his condition is far from being stable, he has promised not to give up. He was a legend among educators who have worked for Wwf Raw. Here are some interesting facts about Harley Race. You might be surprised to learn some of them. The first is the fact that he was a teacher in Eldon, Missouri.

The next thing to look out for are his social media profiles. He was an amazing wrestler. He competed in several organizations. At one point, he was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. After his death, he continued to promote the World Wrestling Federation. His social media profiles reflect that he was an inspiration for many wrestling fans. Even though he had terminal lung cancer, he still continued to promote the WHW until the end.

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Net worth

The net worth of Harley Race is estimated to be between $1 and 5 million dollars. He earned this money while competing in professional wrestling. He was a Missouri native and earned his net worth as a result. However, he died on August 1, 2019. His net worth is unknown, so we can only estimate his earnings from his career as a wrestler. However, his weight is not yet known. In 1999, Harley Race appeared masked in the NBC special Exposed! Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets.

If you want to find out about Harley Race’s net worth, you can visit various sources to learn more about his life. You can check out his wiki to learn more about his personal life. You can also visit his social media profiles to see what his lifestyle entails. These social media profiles may contain outdated information and may not be completely accurate. Nevertheless, it will give you an idea of how much Harley Race is worth.

Although he has long retired from the ring, Harley Race made a significant impact in professional wrestling as a manager, promoter, trainer, and sports personality. After retirement from wrestling, Harley Race pursued a career in education. He helped young wrestlers by serving as a coach and founded his own wrestling academy. This contribution to education has made it possible for future generations of wrestlers to have the same opportunities.

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