EL DeBarge Children

Eldra “El” DeBarge, Bobby “Tommy” DeBarge, and Chico “Chico” DeBarge

There are several famous DeBarge children, but a few of them stand out in particular. Eldra “El” DeBarge, Bobby, and Chico are three of the most famous. In this article, we’ll take a look at these children and learn about their lives. Eldra, Bobby, and Chico have all become household names because of their hard work and talent. In addition, they’ve become the subjects of numerous movies and TV shows.

Eldra “El” DeBarge

EL DeBarge children are singers from the Detroit area. Born to parents Robert Louis DeBarge and Etterlene Abney, she was a member of her local church choir and played the piano as a young girl. The family started performing at their uncle’s Pentecostal church when she was just 13 years old. Her ancestry is African-American, English, and French.

During her childhood, El DeBarge suffered from domestic abuse. She wrote a book to express her feelings and later on, he fathered his first child. After a long and hard struggle, she was able to find her true calling and has added a significant amount to her net worth. Currently, El DeBarge is a thriving 59 year-old. Listed below are the children of Eldra “El” DeBarge

In 1986, El DeBarge left the group and released her debut self-titled album. The album produced modest chart singles. Babyface and El DeBarge worked on duet vocals on the album. In 1990, El DeBarge signed with Warner Bros., and she performed on a Quincy Jones single “The Secret Garden”.

Bobby DeBarge

In the 1970s, Bobby and Tommy DeBarge rose to fame as members of the group Switch, which recorded exclusively for the Motown label. When they split up, Bobby and Tommy teamed up with Gregory Williams and released the group’s debut album, White Heat. Later, they collaborated with Pall Mall Groove, which produced the Hot Ice album. The group’s most well-known single, “Please Don’t Let Me Go,” was recorded in 1977. The album sold one million copies and went on to become a gold-certified success. Among their other hits were “Swing Low,” “Always Remember Me,” “Run,” and “I’ll Never Love You Again.”

The DeBarges had an enormous family. While their biggest musical accomplishment was the 1985 hit “Rhythm of the Night” from the movie The Last Dragon, the family’s private lives have been full of drama. Bobby battled addiction and committed crimes during his time in prison. His children suffered from years of neglect and abuse from their father. Bobby died from AIDS at the age of 33. They lived in a Michigan home for most of their lives.

Etterlene DeBarge and her children were musically gifted. Together, they formed a funk group called Switch and a popular music group called DeBarge. El, Bunny, and Randy were the founding members of the group. In later years, brothers James and Bobby joined the group. Their eighth child, Chico, made his mark as a solo performer but was still considered part of the larger DeBarge constellation.

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Chico DeBarge

A musical family is a good example of a strong and successful family. The DeBarge family is renowned for their successful music careers, and it was no surprise when Jonathan “Chico” DeBarge became a rising star in R&B. DeBarge is the son of Robert Louis and Etterlene DeBarge, who divorced in 1974. Chico grew up in Grand Canons, Michigan, where he studied at Ottawa Hills High School.

In 1979, he and his siblings formed the band The DeBarges in Los Angeles. The group went through a two-year training process at Motown before releasing their debut album. The band’s success paved the way for more hits. They released their first album in 1981 and, in early 1982, changed their name to DeBarge. The band had more than ten number-one singles in the 80s, and were a part of the neo-soul movement.

As of late 2018, Chico DeBarge and his children are unmarried. He has been single for many years but has been linked to several women. In 2003, he was involved with Sandy Loomax and Neeta Wooten. In 1996, Chico DeBarge was married to Andrea Bordenave, with whom he had five children. Chico’s children include three daughters and one son.

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