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Dora Zbierlund and Jeffrey Tambor

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Jeffrey Tambor is an American actor who has been married twice. He first married Dora Zbierlund in October 2001, and the two then had three children together. Their children, Eve Julia and Gabriel Kasper were adopted and were born in December 2004 and 2006, respectively. Their other child, Molly Tambor, was born in 1975. Jeffrey and Dora Zbierlund divorced in 1991 and are currently separated.

Jeffrey Tambor married Dora Zbierlund in 1982

Jeffrey Tambor was married three times. His first marriage to Dora Zbierlund ended in divorce in 1991. He later married Katie Mitchell and divorced her in 2000. He then married Kasia Ostlun. Together, they had four children. Their oldest daughter is Molly. Their second daughter is a girl named Sophie, who was born in 1995. Jeffrey Tambor has one daughter from his first marriage.

Born July 8, 1944, Jeffrey Michael Tambor was the son of a flooring contractor and a housewife, Eileen Salzberg. His parents were Conservative Jews with roots in Hungary and Ukraine. Tambor graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco and went on to study acting at San Francisco State University. He later received his Master’s degree from Wayne State University. His first marriage ended in divorce in 1982.

Later, Tambor married Kasia Ostlun in 2001. The couple appeared together in a sitcom titled “Get Well Soon” in 2003. They have four children together. Despite Tambor’s success, his wife is a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. His first marriage was to Dora Zbierlund, who was a former Scientologist. The second marriage was to Katie Mitchell.

Dora Zbierlund is an actress and comedian

American actress and comedian Dora Zbierlund was married to Jeffrey Tambor in 2001 after their divorce. They had three children together: Gabriel Kasper, Eve Julia, and Molly Tambor, born on December 5, 1975. Tambor later divorced Zbierlund and married Katie Mitchell. In 2003, the couple divorced again, and Dora and Jeffrey have one daughter from their first marriage.

Jeffrey Michael Tambor is an American actor and comedian. His career began in the 1980s, when he married actress Dora Zbierlund. He was then married to actress Katie Mitchell and was a star on the sitcom Arrested Development. His most recent marriage to Kasia Ostlund, whom he met through a mutual friend, was in 2012. They have one daughter, Molly Tambor.

Jeffrey Tambor married Dora Zbierlund in 1982. They separated in 1991. In 1990, Tambor married Katie Mitchell, and the couple welcomed a daughter, Molly Tambor, on July 5, 1975. The couple later divorced and moved on to separate lives. In 2001, Tambor married Kasia Ostlun. They have four children together, and one daughter with Katie Mitchell.

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Jeffrey Tambor is currently married to Kasia Ostlund

Jeffrey Tambor is currently married to Kasia Osterlun. The actress was previously known for playing small roles on TV shows before she married the actor in 2001. The couple have four children together – twin boys Gabriel Kasper and Eve Julia. Tambor has denied allegations of sexual misconduct and has apologized publicly for the alleged incidents. He also revealed that he has issues with anger, which he has addressed publicly in recent years.

Kasia Ostlun is an American actress who was born in 1965. She began her career on television in 1998 with a role in Oh Baby. In the movie, she played a college girl named Sabrina. Her role in Oh Baby was very small, and she later appeared in the comedy movie Never Again. Ostlun then went on to star in the romantic comedy Get Well Soon.

In addition to playing the lead role in the film “The Death of Stalin”, Tambor is also a published author. His book, “Are You Anybody?” is available on Amazon. After a couple of years of marriage, Tambor has published two books: Are You, Anybody? A Memoir. In addition to his movies, Tambor has also acted in television shows and commercials.

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