Backyard Fireplace Ideas

Backyard Fireplace Ideas to Create with Faux Stone

Fireplaces are a beautiful centerpiece for a home’s interior that can give the home a warm and comfortable feel to it. But have you ever thought about adding a fireplace to your backyard? If you spend enough time enjoying your yard, adding a fireplace to it can give it a more relaxed feeling that you can show off to your family and friends when they visit. Here, we will look at some of the ways you can create a backyard fireplace faux stone to make it stand out.

Why Faux Stone?

Brick and stone are a traditional and beautiful look for a fireplace, but they are not very DIY friendly. You typically need to have a professional mason install brick or stone, which is expensive, and the construction timelines can take much longer than you might expect. Brick and stone may seem sturdy, but they can get nicked and scuffed up much faster than you might imagine.

Faux stone and brick is the perfect solution. It is completely DIY friendly and can typically be installed on something like a fireplace in a matter of hours. If that was not good enough, it is also much more affordable than real brick and stone while being much more durable. It also looks and feels like real stone and brick, so people will not be able to tell the difference if you do not tell them.

Build a Fireplace

Many homeowners will opt to build a structure for their backyard fireplace and install an electric one. This can be much easier than building a fireplace that has a real fire in it, and it can be just as beautiful. Typically, they start with lumber and build a frame, then add in the electric fireplace insert, and surround everything in faux stone. There are many electric fireplace inserts that look like a real fireplace, too, so you can have the aesthetic without the fire.

If you know enough about the construction of a real fireplace that you can build one safely, this can be a great option for your backyard. Once it is built, you can install a faux stone surround for it, which will draw the eye.

Create a Fire Pit

If you would prefer more circular seating, you can create a fire pit instead of a fireplace in your backyard. There are a few ways you can go about this. You can dig a hole for your fire pit, then surround the hole with retaining walls, which you then line with faux stone. There are also a few fire pits that you can buy from different home design stores that can be lined with faux stone around the exterior. The way that you design your fire pit really depends on if you intend to have a wood-burning fire pit, gas, or an electric one that is for show and warmth. If you envision sitting around the fire pit toasting marshmallows, you will want to choose a fuel-based fire pit so that you have the flames you need.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few fun and creative ways that you can incorporate faux stone into your home, both inside and out. With many different color palettes to choose from with faux stone, you can ensure that your backyard fireplace will match your home décor perfectly.

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