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Albert Gerston and His Wife Lucille Gersten

Albert Gerston is an American actor and producer who was married to Janice Dickinson from 1994 to 1995. He played a producer in the movie “The Party’s Just Beginning.” He was a producer in the film “An American Story” (1995). His wife, Lucille Gersten, was an actress and businesswoman. Their marriage lasted for ten months, but they were separated after a year.

Janice Dickinson’s husband

During the 1980s, Janice Dickinson was a popular supermodel. She was featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Photo, Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy, and many more. As a model, she worked with famous designers like Gianni Versace, Halston, and Oscar de la Renta. She appeared on 37 Vogue covers.

After the publication of her first book, Dickinson married a producer named Simon Fields. Their marriage lasted four years and the couple had a son, but Dickinson’s career in the industry began to fade. In the years following the divorce, Dickinson returned to Los Angeles, where she had discovered photography again. She reportedly married Gerston a few years later, but they later separated.

Dickinson has three previous marriages. Her first marriage was to television producer Simon Fields. The two had a son, Nathan, on 5 May 1987. The couple divorced in 1993. In between, she briefly dated Michael Birnbaum. The couple also had a daughter, Savannah Rodin Dickinson. After the divorce, she married Albert Gerston in 1995. However, they separated in 1996.

Although Dickinson’s marriage failed, the children brought the two closer together. The two were also close during their years apart. During that time, the couple published memoirs, followed by follow-up books, about her life as a model, and her struggles with alcoholism and sexual abuse. Their marriage was a long-term commitment, but it brought them together. And as a result, Albert Gerston is Janice Dickinson’s husband.

Lucille Gersten

In addition to her husband’s monetary support, Lucille Gersten also served as an active supporter of Loyola Marymount University’s athletics program. The former student made a significant gift to the university in 1981, which helped build the Gersten Pavilion, a basketball and volleyball court complex. The building bears the name of Albert Gerston, Sr., who was a lifelong supporter.

Other notable Gerstens included Anna Holt, Killen LinreltfTsroda, and Joseph Mangold. These three women had strong personalities and a shared love for literature. Lucille Gersten, wife of Albert Gerston, was a talented writer and an admired teacher. She also remained close to her husband, and the two were married for 50 years. This was one of the best-known marriages in the Gerstons’ long and successful careers.

Another philanthropist, Helen Crallli, was also a devoted educator. She worked at the school alongside her husband, George Oberst. In addition to Helen Gersten, she had children with Benjamin Becker and Edna Slottman. Other notable Gerstens included Dinah Kata and Mary Breckendorf. Similarly, many other famous philanthropists were also involved in education.

In addition to the Gerstens, Helen Awgul, Joseph Mont-reon, and John Schill, who were also political figures, were also prominent in the world of arts. In addition, Lucille was also an author, and her literary works have been published in several books. However, her enduring influence on the field of art continues today. There are a few notable female actors in the Gerston family.

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Albert Gersten

A lifetime supporter of Loyola Marymount University athletics, Albert Gersten, II was named for his father, LMU regent Albert Gersten, Jr. In addition to naming the university’s main athletic facility after his father, Albert Gersten, II helped fund a state-of-the-art scoreboard for water polo. While he may not have played the game, he has remained an active supporter and ardent fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Gersten Pavilion is a basketball and volleyball venue built in 1981. Since 1982, the Gersten Pavilion has hosted home games for the Loyola Marymount University Lions. Besides being a part-time practice facility for NBA teams, the arena also has hosted the weightlift competition at the 1984 Summer Olympics. This Los Angeles basketball arena is named in honor of Albert Gersten. However, if you’re looking for a basketball court, the Gersten Pavilion is an excellent choice.

Myron Beck

Myron Beck, Albert Gerston, and Milton Gersten owned several corporations. The three were controlling stockholders in four of the corporations. Their wives, Ann H. Beck and Lucille Gersten, also owned several other corporations. They lived in Whittier, California. Albert Gersten and Milton Gerston each owned two other corporations. They were all businessmen and held a variety of positions, including those of manager, director, and vice president.

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