A Checklist of Must-Have Bra Accessories

They would if one could travel worldwide without a bra, as they do at home. Unfortunately, living in a world where a bra wasn’t necessary seems too good to be true. However, while you cannot always ditch your bra (especially when running in the Melbourne marathon), you can wear it comfortably. Bra accessories, such as Hollywood Fashion Secrets Australia products, ensure your bra remains intact, comfortable, and compatible with your outfit. Different clothes require different bras; with the right supplies, you can look graceful and support your breasts.

Clear Bra Straps

Every wardrobe should have clear bra straps. Transparent and adjustable, these straps are the perfect accessories for your off-shoulder or strapless fits. Clear bra straps will come to your rescue if you have an 8 o’clock reservation at the Sydney Opera House but cannot find a boob supporter for your strapless black dress. These straps are attachable and don’t irritate your skin, making them comfortable and flexible.

Covering Straps

If you have a favourite bra that you want to wear with your off-shoulder top but don’t want the straps to show, you can use converting or covering straps. These straps cover your existing bra straps with transparent ones.

Bra Strap Holders

You have successfully checked the first item on your list. Now, moving to the second accessory: strap holders. Attachable or not, your bra strap sometimes has a mind of its own and slips off your shoulder randomly. Strap holders use a runner that ensures the strap remains intact. With their broad base, strap holders sit on your skin comfortably without digging in.

Bra Extenders

Sometimes, your bra crumples into your skin, shrinking its band. Bra extenders ensure the band does not shrink and sticks to its original size. This accessory is your bra’s extension and keeps the cup and band in place.


Clip-on are the best accessories to wear with outfits with a plunging neckline. You can attach them to your bra straps, adjust them to your comfort, and cover your chest area.

Breast Tapes

Breast tape is a saviour in disguise for those who don’t want to wear bras. This fabric tape comprises a glue that sticks to your skin, supporting and lifting your breasts. The beauty of breast tapes lies in their versatility. You can wear them as it is, match them with your outfit, or cover your bra to conceal the straps. If you want to wear breast tape with your bra, ensure you purchase a thin one with glue on both sides. You can attach the tape to your bra and dress to hide the straps.

Nipple Covers

Nip slips are one of the most dreaded wardrobe malfunctions—nipple covers prevent this scenario. These accessories cover your entire nipple, concealing completely. You can wear them over tight dresses or loose clothes to ensure your nipple remains out of sight. As a bonus, they also enhance your look.

Nipple Pasties

Unlike nipple covers that you wear over your clothes, nipple pasties stick to your skin. These adhesive patches glue themselves to your skin, hiding your nipple area. If you are attending a beachside wedding in Perth and want to flaunt your backless red dress, nipple covers will conceal your nipple and bra straps. These patches are reusable, meaning you can use them multiple times with different outfits.

Wrapping Up

The right breast and bra accessories prevent wardrobe disasters, and products from Hollywood Fashion Secrets Australia provide you with the best supplies. Bra extenders, breast tapes, clip-on, and nipple patches ensure your outfit stays in place and nothing peeks out.

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